Welcome to El Camino Transmissions proudly serving motorists in Dallas, TX since 1987. Our team of skilled, experienced technicians specialize in transmissions and are ready to tackle all of your transmission needs, no matter how simple or complicated.

Experienced Transmission Auto Repair Technicians

We offer expert transmission services on all makes and models of cars, trucks and other vehicles such as: Transmission Repair and Rebuilding, Automatic Transmissions, Standard/Manual Transmissions, Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT), Rear Ends, Clutches, Axles, Transfer Cases, Differentials, Front and Four-Wheel Drive Systems and Overdrives. We understand that transmissions are delicate mechanisms and we handle them accordingly.

Superior Transmission Performance Parts, Tools & Equipment

El Camino Transmissions utilize superior parts, tools, and equipment. We provide expert and reliable transmission inspection, diagnostics, removal, repair and/or rebuild. We are available 24/7 to answer your call. Call us today at (214) 748-4716 to schedule a free transmission diagnostic!