El Camino Transmissions provides comprehensive transmission services to the Dallas, TX area. Our certified technicians use the latest technology in automotive diagnostics to find exactly what you may be dealing with. We will work quickly and efficiently to repair or replace the problems that are present with your transmission so that you can rest assured you are driving a safe vehicle. If you notice that you have any unfamiliar noises or leaks you can’t explain when driving your vehicle, don’t hesitate to bring it in for a complete transmission diagnostic to locate the problem.

Automatic Transmission Services

When you have an automatic transmission, you may notice that as the car gets older, your transmission is having a hard time shifting. If this is the case, you shouldn’t hesitate to bring it in to El Camino Transmissions to see if there is a possible problem. We can perform the necessary repairs needed for your transmission to function properly. If the transmission is beyond repair and is in need of replacement, we use on top-quality transmissions to ensure you won’t be facing this problem again any time soon. It doesn’t matter what make or model you may be driving, we can perform fluid changes, replace filters and any other automatic transmission services you may need.

Manual Transmission Services

If you drive a vehicle with a manual transmission, the problems would be more complicated. Our team of trusted transmission experts have the skills needed to tackle any manual transmission problems no matter how complex they may be. Our manual transmission services include:
• Clutches
• Transfer cases
• Wheel bearings
• 4WD

Rebuilt Transmission Services

It doesn’t matter if you drive a foreign or domestic vehicle, the certified technicians at El Camino Transmissions can rebuild the transmission for both automatic and manual transmissions. During the process of a rebuild, every component is disassembled and evaluated for any sign that it needs to be replaced. All gaskets and seals will be replaced and you can get more out of your transmission. We only use the highest quality parts to replace those that have been damaged or are severely worn.

Differential Repair & Service

Your vehicle’s differential is the part of its drivetrain that allows the wheels of your vehicle to turn while your car is driving. It is found between the wheels and attached by the axle shaft. To properly maintain the differential it needs to be oiled and lubricated as well as the old oil getting cleaned out of the axle and gears. It is important that during any differential repairs, the differential is resealed to ensure your vehicle’s safety the next time you drive it.

Transmission Services in Dallas, Texas

If you have any reason to believe your vehicle’s transmission may be in trouble, don’t hesitate to call on the certified experts at El Camino Transmissions for help. We will diagnose and repair any transmissions problems you may have. Our goal is to keep our customers safe as they drive their vehicle. Call us today!