Front & Rear Differential Service

As fully licensed and insured transmission specialists in the Greater Dallas, Texas area, El Camino Transmissions takes care of your entire manual and automatic transmission needs such as transmission replacements, rebuilds, overhauls, maintenance, and repairs. Our team of elite mechanics expertly deliver extraordinary results, friendly customer service, and integrity. El Camino Transmissions utilizes quality parts to ensure our services are done correctly and will last.

Differential Inspection, Diagnosis, Fluid Replacement & More

El Camino Transmissions includes differential services. Between the drive wheels on your vehicle, the differential gearbox is located. Both a front and rear differential is typically featured on most four-wheel drive vehicles. In order to deliver power from your engine to the axle that turns your wheels, the differentials work in tandem with the transmission. Differential fluid needs to be replaced at regular intervals to keep your vehicle running healthy. In order to make turning possible, the differential makes the outside wheels of the vehicle rotate faster than the inside wheels when turning. The differential allows each side to turn at different speeds, which enables better vehicle control by using a series of gears. To contribute to preserving the life and performance of your differential, lubricating fluid inside the differential transfers heat away from the gears. Use and wear causes the fluid to break down over time. Due to the friction and heat, the gears will not perform smoothly if there are any leaks, the fluid breaks down or one of the bearings becomes loose.

Front & Rear Differential Service in Greater Dallas, Texas

Grinding gears results in costly repairs. As your vehicle cannot function without a differential, we highly recommend getting your differential inspected, and the differential fluid changed, as a part of your regular vehicle maintenance routine. Bring your vehicle to El Camino Transmissions periodically to maintain the fluid and check the condition and operation of your differential. And if you notice any grinding gears, bring your vehicle in right away and our experts will find the source and make the necessary repairs.