Transfer Case Fluid Replacement Maintenance

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Transfer Case Service

El Camino Transmissions of Dallas, Texas includes transfer case services for the locals and those in surrounding areas. On four-wheel-drive vehicles is a special gearbox that distributes power between the front and rear axles, which is the transfer case. Depending on which wheels are getting the most traction in AWD vehicles, the transfer case shifts power from one axle to another. To keep the gears clean, cool and turning smoothly, lubricating fluid in the transfer case is essential. At varying intervals in different gearboxes, fluid additives break them down. Manufacturers recommend changing intervals to check, drain and replace contaminated or broken-down fluid to prevent premature wear and damage. Fluid can potentially leak from a seal in the case on rare occasions, which expedites deterioration, causing replacement before the level drops too low where it cannot properly lubricate the gears.

Transfer Case Inspection, Diagnostics, Fluid Replacement & More in Greater Dallas, Texas

A sign the transfer case needs new fluid to bathe its gears is if you are having a difficult time changing into or out of four-wheel-drive mode in your four-wheel drive or all-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicle. To help prevent premature wear as well as costly repairs, removing contaminated or broken-down fluid and replacing it with new fresh fluid is recommended. When your transfer case in Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas is in need of attention, call the professionals of El Camino Transmissions to get your vehicle taken care of.