Transmission Overhaul

El Camino Transmissions of Dallas, Texas specializes in transmission rebuild and repair but offers a number of additional auto repairs by skillful and experienced mechanics. Being fully licensed and insured, we have the opportunity to serve the community with affordable prices and quality services. El Camino Transmissions recruits the best mechanics in the field and utilize top quality parts and high-end equipment to ensure the repairs and rebuilds are done with superior outcomes.

Transmission Overhaul Kits

El Camino Transmissions includes transmission overhauls in the Greater Dallas, TX area. Transmission overhauls are also sometimes referred to as re-manufactured or re-conditioned transmissions. This is when the original transmission is taken apart and rebuilt from the ground up, replacing the worn, damaged or questionable parts with new ones to restore it. To perform the transmission overhaul, El Camino Transmissions utilizes top of the line transmission rebuild kits, as they have all the replacement parts needed. The transmission overhaul frequently replaces a few to all of the following parts:
– Bands
– Bushings
– Clutches
– Filter
– Gaskets
– Modulator
– O-rings
– Seals
– Steels
– Washers

Remanufactured or Rebuilt Transmissions

After our El Camino Transmissions mechanics remove the transmission from the vehicle’s chassis with a specialized transmission jack, we take it apart using our expertise and experience. We assess the condition of every part to determine which parts are still sufficient and which will be better off replacing. More often than not, the majority of the parts are replaced as they are all cleaned, tested, and replaced if necessary.

How Long Does it Take to Rebuild a Transmission?

We know that most of the drivers in the Greater Dallas, Texas area need their vehicles repaired and returned as quickly as possible. El Camino Transmissions works diligently to conduct the transmission overhaul, however, we do not do rush the job and every aspect is done with precision and care. There are a few contributing factors that dictate how long the process lasts but generally, a transmission overhaul averages 3 to 4 days to complete. During those 3 or days, our mechanics diagnose, remove, rebuild, and re-install the transmission. Some of the factors include details such as how long it takes for customers to give the permission to do the work after diagnoses is complete and the extent of transmission damage. Finding the source of the issue can also draw out the overall time to complete the transmission overhaul and other such circumstances. Not only can some factors increase the time to finish the job, but there are some instances that can reduce the time. At El Camino Transmissions of Dallas, Texas we will communicate a rough estimate on how long we believe the transmission overhaul will take.

Transmission Inspections, Diagnostics, Overhauls & More in Greater Dallas, Texas

Keep in mind that a transmission overhaul can take longer to repair if it is covered by an extended warranty program as well. The warranty has to be reviewed and approved before any work can be done. Because of the extra steps, this can lengthen how long the process takes from start to finish. El Camino Transmissions of Dallas, Texas is readily available to take on your transmission overhaul and if you are experiencing any problems we can run diagnostics and inspections to determine if you need a few repairs or if a transmission overhaul is the most optimal solution. Call us today to get started!